Spring Commissioning 2013

At the start of every sport season, our Neumann Knights are commissioned. “Commissioning” means that each student-athlete is blessed, and pledges to compete passionately and act with respect, integrity and perseverance.

Neumann University Spring Commissioning Ceremony 2013

Neumann University Spring Commissioning Ceremony 2013

Last night, we held our Commissioning Ceremony for our spring teams: baseball, softball, golf, men’s tennis, women’s lacrosse, and men’s lacrosse. Together, about 150 student-athletes recited the following:

Loving God, help me to wisely use the gifts and talents that
     You have so graciously bestowed upon me.
Create in me, Lord,
     The right attitude with which to achieve my goals and our team goals.
     A firm trust in You, that through You,
     I can be a good student athlete and team player.
     A strong desire to never quit, no matter what the odds,
     to trust my coaches, my teammates, and my instincts.
     A willingness to give 100% of myself both on and off the court or field.
Help me to be grateful for my God-given abilities,
     and for all those over the years who have developed
     and supported my growth as an athlete,
     especially my family, coaches and teammates.
Help me learn from my mistakes and
     be open to criticism that will bring out the best in me.
Help me, Lord, to be the person and student athlete
     that you would have me be.
Help me to honor and promote
     the mission and values of Neumann University.

Commissioning provides an opportunity for the entire athletic community to come together in prayer and thanksgiving.  It is with great joy that we send our athletes forth, into their seasons, as outstanding representatives of Neumann University.

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